v. & n.
—v. (3rd sing. present says; past and past part. said)
1 tr. (often foll. by that + clause) a utter (specified words) in a speaking voice; remark (said 'Damn!'; said that he was satisfied). b put into words; express (that was well said; cannot say what I feel).
2 tr. (often foll. by that + clause) a state; promise or prophesy (says that there will be war). b have specified wording; indicate (says here that he was killed; the clock says ten to six).
3 tr. (in passive; usu. foll. by to + infin.) be asserted or described (is said to be 93 years old).
4 tr. (foll. by to + infin.) colloq. tell a person to do something (he said to bring the car).
5 tr. convey (information) (spoke for an hour but said little).
6 tr. put forward as an argument or excuse (much to be said in favour of it; what have you to say for yourself?).
7 tr. (often absol.) form and give an opinion or decision as to (who did it I cannot say; do say which you prefer).
8 tr. select, assume, or take as an example or (a specified number etc.) as near enough (shall we say this one?; paid, say, pound20).
9 tr. a speak the words of (prayers, Mass, a grace, etc.). b repeat (a lesson etc.); recite (can't say his tables).
10 tr. Art etc. convey (inner meaning or intention) (what is the director saying in this film?).
11 intr. a speak; talk. b (in imper.) poet. tell me (what is your name, say!).
12 tr. (the said) Law or joc. the previously mentioned (the said witness).
13 intr. (as int.) US an exclamation of surprise, to attract attention, etc.
1 a an opportunity for stating one's opinion etc. (let him have his say). b a stated opinion.
2 a share in a decision (had no say in the matter).
Phrases and idioms:
how say you? Law how do you find? (addressed to the jury requesting its verdict). I etc. cannot (or could not) say I etc. do not know. I'll say colloq. yes indeed. I say! Brit. an exclamation expressing surprise, drawing attention, etc. it is said the rumour is that. not to say and indeed; or possibly even (his language was rude not to say offensive). said he (or I etc.) colloq. or poet. he etc. said. say for oneself say by way of conversation, oratory, etc. say much (or something) for indicate the high quality of. say no refuse or disagree. say out express fully or candidly. says I (or he etc.) colloq. I, he, etc., said (used in reporting conversation). say-so
1 the power of decision.
2 mere assertion (cannot proceed merely on his say-so). say something make a short speech. says you! colloq. I disagree. say when colloq. indicate when enough drink or food has been given.
say the word
1 indicate that you agree or give permission.
2 give the order etc. say yes agree.
that is to say
1 in other words, more explicitly.
2 or at least. they say it is rumoured. to say nothing of = not to mention (see MENTION). what do (or would) you say to? would you like? when all is said and done after all, in the long run. you can say that again! (or you said it!) colloq. I agree emphatically. you don't say so colloq. an expression of amazement or disbelief.
sayable adj. sayer n.
Etymology: OE secgan f. Gmc

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